10 Reasons why you should switch your business to a hosted VoIP PBX System:

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Voice over IP solutions with the help of Abbax can effectively transform the way that your business operates as well as allow you to grow. The voice over IP solution is a cloud-based business communications tool that optimizes business communications across multiple departments. This is a cloud-based communication solution that’s beneficial to any industry and any size company.

With the use of cloud-based hosted VoIP communications your employees will have extra tools that they can use to stay connected in a new way. VoIP works just like any high-efficiency business phone line but with a few added additional features that can deliver a huge advantage.

Many companies that switch over to this system find that they are able to better connect with their customers, improve lines of communication across their business as well as generate communication experiences that can be conducive to improving profits across the board.

If you are still on the fence on the idea of changing over your business to hosted VoIP and its advanced features, here are some of the top 10 reasons why you should consider hosted VoIP over other types of communication for your business:

Cheaper calling:

Rather than having to pay extensive long-distance phone charges or put in several phone lines for a call center/ customer service department, you can have access to all the tools you need through your existing data network and VoIP calling. Without having to worry about extensive call charges and the process of upgrading your phone line regularly with business expansion, you can always have the tools that you need to run your business and no need for a giant monthly bill.

International calls to other countries take place at just a fraction of the rates charged by traditional phone operators through VoIP and this is extremely beneficial for companies that regularly do business throughout the world. Cheaper calling can cut down on your business costs and help you to drastically improve margins within your business.

Zero need for maintenance:

A VoIP PBX system only needs to be purchased once and by working with a reputable provider like Abbax you can have ongoing support to have troubleshooting and more with the entire system. Enterprise Class PBX systems may never need to be upgraded or maintained. Generally a simple reboot of the system will fix almost any issue and this can drastically reduce any type of maintenance or upgrade costs associated with your phone lines and communication systems. Cutting down on the technical support that is required for you to maintain your communication systems can also really helped to reduce the amount of equipment that you might need to purchase/ maintain and the total number of employees that you may need for tech support.

Zero need for maintenance will improve the uptime of your communication lines and ensure that you can continue cutting down on business costs over time.

Incredible voice mail:

Voicemail systems with the help of VoIP are a completely new entity. Rather than having to dial into your voicemail inbox, listen to every message and press a key to delete them, VoIP has amazing features that come along with voicemails and voicemail boxes. Every employee at your company will be able to receive voicemails that can be automatically transcribed and sent to an e-mail. Employees can also get alerts whenever their phone is called and set follow up calls when required. With voicemail management systems available both on PC as well as on the phone system, it becomes possible to speed up the process of voicemail calling, checking and more.

Imagine being able to check your voicemail just as simply as you can prune and check your e-mail!

Digital fax support:

If your office still has a fax machine that you rely on, installing VoIP can further reduce your maintenance and printing costs. VoIP allows you to fax digital files as well as receive faxes as digital files which can then be manipulated, e-mailed and changed. This can be particularly useful for individuals that need to transcribe faxes or send out faxes to multiple numbers. With an advanced Digital fax machine available from many VoIP providers it possible to reduce paper as well as improve the speed of communication over time. Digital fax machine support is a modern touch for many businesses today!

Easy teleworker connections:

If you are interested in reducing your employee costs further you could also consider the idea of having many of your employees work from home. Customer service professionals could tap into your VoIP services securely around the world to quickly collaborate as well as connect as employees of the company. Voice over IP makes the process of integrating various teleworkers into any business system extremely simple. This is ideal if your location has multiple offices or you are toying with the idea of having a separate customer service department/ professionals that work primarily from home. VoIP makes it very simple to reach out to any teleworker through the corporate switchboard as well as save money on long distance if teleworkers are outsourced to other areas of the world.

With an enterprise-level hosted VoIP phone system it is possible to continue integrating new teleworkers to your network as required. This ensures that your company can expand without the need to upgrade your system or even pay for extra office space to house these workers.

It can be used on any device:

VoIP for your business that work can be securely integrated into many different types of devices. This means that you could easily hook up a laptop, desk phone, work phone or even a smart phone to run the VoIP software or connect to your network. This is the perfect solution for individuals who could be working out in the field over a data network. By giving multiple types of devices access to voicemail, automatic call forwarding and routing and more it’s possible to upgrade the features on almost any type of communication device. This could mean you could easily host conference calls, have access to e-mail transcription for your voicemail inbox on your smart phone and more. Adding all of these advanced features to many devices helps to skyrocket the productivity of your employees no matter where they happen to be working that day.

Improved customer experiences:

VoIP delivers an improved customer experience. What a customer calls in the last thing that they want to do is to continue being transferred throughout multiple departments until they finally reached the individual that they want to speak to. Auto attendant software within VoIP allows an individual to quickly choose through individuals, groups and customer support departments to find the person that they want. This method leads to happier customers as well as improved communication throughout your entire company. No longer does a person have to memorize a number of different extensions in order to contact the people that they are looking for most of all. New customers can easily choose the individual, group or department that they want to contact or use the menu to discover the phone number of the person they need to contact directly. Rather than having multiple service professionals that simply redirect calls all day, this system can work automatically.

It’s very simple and quick to set up:

Installing entirely new phone lines within your business can be an expensive process and you may need to call utilities provider every time that your business expands or experiences a problem with your communication devices. VoIP really doesn’t take much time or painful technology woes to actually set up. Most businesses are able to actually receive their voice over IP solution without having to interrupt business operations at all. There’s no need to necessarily wait for a technician to come in and install the system and the transition can take just a few hours when your business is not in regular operation. All the phones and devices also become plug-and-play meaning that you can quickly swap out hardware and expand your network as needed. As a cloud-based solution you can offer secure logins for people accessing the features outside of the office. This can really improve the speed at which new employees can start and the ease of getting people up to speed with the new system.

Greater control over your communications network:

VoIP puts the control back in the hands of the customer. With cloud communications through voice over IP you are no longer waiting for utility, paying expensive bills to a phone line utility company or depending on their lines directly. With one network for your data and communication, you can upgrade your abilities to improve the speed and reliability of communications throughout your business. While many other businesses could be experiencing outages, your company will be up and running. With greater control over telecommunications you can rely less on other companies and enjoy the ability to generate faster services for your customers.

Paying for only what you need:

One of the greatest aspects of VoIP is that there’s no need to specify the number of lines, the total registered numbers in use and more. Rather than overestimating your needs as a business you can get access to as your business continues to expand. Having the ability to pay only for what you use will help to ensure that you are only paying for the actual data that is required for the calls and the extra resources and features that may need to be set up by a technician. With minimal costs for set up as well as no need to specify how large your network needs to be in the future, you can have access to one of the most flexible forms of digital communication today.


If you are considering the use of hosted VoIP phone systems for your business remember that these types of improvements can be used in any industry effectively. With the experience that we have at Abbax we can deliver simple, affordable, reliable and secure cloud based VoIP systems that will help you stay connected like never before! Keep in mind some of these top reasons for switching over to voice over IP solutions for your business and remember that by upgrading to this system your business can be more competitive in your industry with cost savings and communications improvement!

VOIP is more secure:

VOIP is a more secure system. If you are using traditional audio signals for your phone line, you could easily have your calls intercepted. VOIP is secure with a PCI compliance, HIPAA compliance and it meets a number of global standards for the prevention of security threats. Cloud phone systems are used widely in healthcare, payment processing and more for their security advantages.

They are more reliable:

Traditional phone lines are prone to outages but VOIP is more reliable than any wireless network. If you experience poor call quality, the HD voice codecs in these lines will help you improve the quality of your calls.

Keep some of these top reasons and more in mind if you are thinking of switching over to VOIP with your business. Contact us now if you would like to make the switch!

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