Upgrade Your School's Phone System

Abbax provides an affordable, yet powerful Hosted Phone System Solution for Schools.

Empower your school staff

Unified Communication Platform

Unify your communications with one platform one solution.

Cloud based phone system tailored made for Public Schools

Abbax keeps you connected whether you are using your desk phone, mobile phone or softphone. Our Public School tailored solutions will keep your School running and the communications flowing. Our feature-rich phone system will not break your bank!

Safe & Reliable Communications

We understand how important communication is for Schools in the United States. Our highly qualified technical staff works alongside your IT personnel to ensure redundancy and the highest availability in the industry. 

Have It Your Way! Fully Customizable To Fulfill Your Needs.

A complete communication system and tools, designed to help your School communicate better, internally and externally. 

One platform, one telephone system. Fully inter-connected and specifically designed to address the needs of today's educational institutions.

40 + Features Included

Our Hosted Phone System offers a complete set of features to help your School succeed. We have flexible pricing specifically tailored for schools and a free phone with every extension you purchase.

Our Hosted Phone System can introduce a clear line of communication for your School that works through cloud communications. You can host a call on your smartphone, from an office phone, or even on a PC. Our sales department can introduce a number of lines and voice mailboxes that will suit the needs of your School.


Unlimited Calling

Unlimited locall and long distance calling. No Charges or limits when you place calls in the continental United States.

Number Porting

Keep your current phone numbers and simply transfer them to your Abbax Hosted VoIp Account.

Follow Me Calling

With Follow-Me Calling, your virtual phone system will find you at any phone numbers you.

IVR System

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated phone system technology that allows incoming callers to access information via a voice response system.

Virtual Receptionist

Route callers to diferent departments or personel in your company with a virtual receptionist.

Conference Bridge

Conference bridges allow employees or customers to dial into virtual meetings from a phone.

HD Voice

Eliminate static and service degregation with HD Voice Quality. HD Quality across town or across the world.

Abbax Anywhere

Never miss a call when you add your mobile phone and soft phone to your phone number account.

Voice Mail To Email

Acess your voicemail messages from a single source, your email account, from manywhere in the world.

Caller ID

Know who is calling with advanced caller ID features.

Three Way Calling

Connect multiple callers to one line with three way calling.

Call Queues

Route callers to people in your organization who can help with a particular issue or question.

Get A Quote

It only takes a few minutes and the savings could amount
to thousands of dollars a month!


Up to 60% off your month bill

Schools that switch their telephone system to Abbax save an average of 40% - 60% a month.  


Call us or fill out the get a quote form and we will get back to you promptly. 

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